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St David's Hotel Cardiff (Master Suite)

Hey everyone!

Before I get into the full details of this first blog in the series, allow me to explain exactly what this is about!

As someone who loves travelling and blogging I decided to combine the two as part of a series on this blog. As my regular readers know, I tend to blog or vlog about more things than just travelling! The more I've blogged, the more it's become clearer to me that there is a need for this series, as many of us love to travel regardless of society's perceptions and our relevant disabilities, whatever they may be. Therefore, I've decided to create this series in the hope that it helps not just the disabled traveller but, also the abled bodied traveller and, the hotels that I review themselves.


The St David's Hotel is hands down my favourite hotel in the UK. I actually make the effort to find the best room there, at a price that works well for both myself and, my partner Brett depending on which one of us is paying! Some people who know just how regularly we stay here often ask me which is the best room to go for and, I have always told every person the same thing... To go for the biggest room you can with the budget you have available. The reason for this is that although the hotel has specific accessible rooms, they aren't suitable for everyone. For example, the accessible rooms are in twin configuration and, are best on the lower spectrum rooms. However, the suites are partially accessible despite not being advertised. I'm not sure if the hotel did this for convenience or on purpose but, either way, I'm extremely pleased with this layout.

Every single time Brett and I have stayed at this hotel, we have had a master suite. The layout is very pleasing with two balconies (one small and one wrap around with sweeping views of Cardiff Bay, the Bristol Channel and, Mermaid Quay. The balcony doors have a small lip to get over but, this wasn't too much trouble in the chair I use (Quickie Argon 2). Inside, there is a large living area with a sofa and two chairs one end and, a dining table with four chairs at the other end. This area is big enough for a small cocktail party or, for networking after an event. Leading from this area is a large bedroom with plenty of storage, and a large king size bed. The only problem that I had in the bedroom was that the robes and slippers for the spa were actually on the shelf which was extremely high up.

The bedroom leads to the bathroom where there is a separate bath and shower. The shower is suitable as a roll in shower if you have your own shower chair which I was very pleased with as the suites are not marketed as accessible. There is also a large sink area and heated towel rail, along with a toilet and bidet. The bath has a small bath rail on the side but, if you are staying with someone who prefers baths as opposed to showers, this bathroom offers the perfect arrangement!

The Marine Spa:

The Marine Spa is my favourite part of this hotel! There is a separate lift that goes straight down to the spa so that you don't have to cross the lobby in your robe and slippers in order to get to the spa. Once you are in the spa area, there is a lot to choose from! There is an accessible changing area with toilet however, this does not have a changing table. When you get to the poolside there are some great facilities. Alongside the pool, there is a sauna, a jacuzzi with an aqua beds and, swan neck showers. As there are no hoists in these areas, the ability to do chair to floor transfers and vise versa is an absolute must. The swan neck showers and jacuzzi area are only accessible by stairs however, if you have the arm strength to, there are areas next to the steps that you can use to get access into these areas. If you are looking at this hotel for a spa getaway, I strongly suggest that you watch my video tour of this hotel so that you can see what I mean.

Tempus at Tides Restaurant and Bar:

The restaurant and bar area of the hotel has gorgeous views of cardiff bay. I would highly recommend having breakfast down here as opposed to having room service. Breakfast consists of a continental buffet with a large selection of pastries, cereals, cooked meats and, cheeses as well as fruit. There is also a cooked breakfast buffet the other side of the restaurant. I would also recommend having at least dinner in the restaurant if you are able to. The service is excellent with staff eager to help with any needs you may have.

Overall, this hotel is extremely suitable for business and leisure travellers when visiting Cardiff. The location of the hotel to both the bay and the city centre means that the hotel is well positioned for those that want to explore all areas of Cardiff and, not just either the bay area or the city centre.

I hope you have enjoyed this review, any questions please ask in the comments below or, in the comments on my YouTube video of the hotel.


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