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Airport Lounge Review: Aspire Lounge T5 London Heathrow

As part of my review I did for my British Airways flight to Edinburgh, I thought it would be a good idea to do a more in depth review for the airport lounge we got access to at London Heathrow, The Aspire Lounge in T5.

The Aspire Lounge in T5 is situated at the other end of the terminal from the BA lounges, and is nearer the gates meaning a better view of the runways and airport itself. If you're plane mad like Brett and myself, you'll love the fact that you can clearly see both runways from this lounge meaning that you can get all the numbers in the airport until your flight of course.

The lounge has free food and drink, including soup of the day, pastries, and other food items. It's a relatively good selection of food for those on the short haul flights as well as the long haul. The lounge is also very spacious, and is easy to navigate as a wheelchair user. The one thing I love about this lounge, and T5's design has a lot to do with this on the whole, is that as well as being spacious, the lounge is also extremely light and airy thanks to the panoramic view of the apron, and the glass design of T5.

The staff in here are also really helpful, and to keep the peace there are no flight announcements, but there are flight information screens. There is also a quiet zone, as well as a work zone, and even shower and spa at and extra cost. I loved the spa treatments, and thought that they were very comprehensive (although not as luxurious as the Elemis Spa available to those using the Galleries lounges).

Overall, this lounge is great for those wanting something different in Terminal 5, and even opens up lounge access to those flying economy out of Terminal 5 at Heathrow. However, with the introduction on business within the UK on BA flights, it'll be interesting to see how this lounge is used in the future.

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