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Farnborough International Airshow: Airlander 10 Luxury Cabin Launch

Today, the meaning of luxury in the travel industry has taken on a whole new meaning and brought with it new expectations. No longer is it just about the amenities your hotel suite, or the first class seat on your flight has; it's about where you can get to. For example, visiting those untouched natural beauty spots that very few people have been able to visit because there's no way of physically getting there, or going hiking without needing to worry about where you're going to sleep that night. However, this gap in the market has paved the way for a new dawn in air travel.

The Airlander 10 by Hybrid Air Vehicles is truly revolutionary, the airship is not only longer and wider than an Airbus A320, but it does not require a runway, or any facilities/infrastructure to land other than a flat surface, meaning that it can take travellers to destinations where other means of transport cannot venture to. It means that you can go hiking in the jungle, and still have your 5-star hotel nearby. There is also a massive emphasis on space, which the video attached to this post showcases. The Panoramic windows emphasise this focus on space, natural light, and the ability to get closer to what you want to see most. Even the en-suite bedrooms have a full double bed, and enough space to move around comfortably. The natural colours in the interior design of the cabin also mean that when viewing the surroundings from onboard Airlander 10, you aren't distracted by anything on the airship itself.

The biggest point, and the most important thing for me about Airlander 10 however, is the fact that this will be a truly accessible luxury travel experience for guests on board. Not only has the Airlander 10 been designed with space in mind, it's been designed with accessibility in mind. The designers on the project knew that there was a need for accessible luxury travel, and know that there will be families with frail, elderly or persons with disabilities who wish to travel on Airlander 10, and they've taken this into account with every stage of the design. It's lovely to see designers and those on the project realise the potential of their product and to act on that potential so that more individuals can enjoy Airlander 10 when it launches.

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