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Farnborough International Airshow 2018: Atmosphere By Bombardier

In times where it seems air travel when disabled is a massive gamble, and that things aren't always moving forward as quickly as one wishes, finding out about a cabin design that will make air travel for so many people easier whilst at Farnborough International Airshow was music to my ears.

Regional air travel has always been a bugbear with problems like lack of space and tiny overhead bins being just some of the problems passengers were facing on a daily basis until now.This year, Atmosphere by Bombardier is being launched in their CRJ series aircraft with some benefits that some passengers have been waiting years for. The biggest thing I love about this cabin is that it has been truly designed with passenger comfort in mind but without compromising on airline operations and profit margins.

Some of the benefits of the new cabin include:

- The First PRM friendly toilet in RJ class, optional to airlines but something that will hopefully be taken up. I love this because the PRM-friendly option even gives WCHC passengers complete privacy, something which even on some single-aisle jets isn't possible without using curtains. There's no compromise on the number of seats either, due to the aisle and galley areas being redesigned to reduce bottlenecks and help speed up boarding as well as disembarkation. If the PRM-friendly option is not taken up, the standard size toilet is still larger than normal which will be a welcomed sight to passengers needing space, for example elderly people, parents with small children etc. What's even more welcoming is that the PRM-friendly option is still available with a 2-class configuration, meaning that business travel is still an option on the CRJ series for PRMs.

- A big emphasis on space, with larger overhead bins, the aisle realigned with bottleneck areas redesigned to allow for easier boarding, quicker disembarkation, and a more pleasant passenger experience on board. The larger overhead bins are a massive welcome, especially as on regional flights the competition for overhead luggage space is fierce, and it's often difficult for passengers to get a cabin bag that can easily fit into the small overhead bins that we are accustomed to seeing on regional jets.

- A beautifully designed cabin that empathises passenger comfort with the largest windows of any plane in RJ class aircraft, customisable LED mood lighting which can even have the airlines colours on, and connectivity options like at seat power, and onboard Wi-Fi. Even the materials used in the cabin help to create a light and airy atmosphere, improving passenger comfort levels.

Overall, I'm really excited about this cabin as it's a massive improvement on the dated, cramped cabins those who travel on regional jets have become accustomed to overtime. This new age in regional travel will be welcomed by all types of passengers who fly on the Bombardier CRJ series, and the fact that PRMs have been specifically thought of in the design is something that will be extremely well received by passengers requiring that option.

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