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5 Things To Do In And Around Cardiff

When it comes to weekend getaways, staycations and just general 'where can I go for a day that within 200 miles of home, but not London or Brighton?' Wales tends to come up trumps with the destination, and Cardiff is one of my most loved cities in the UK. After all, it is home to my favourite hotel in the UK, easy to get around as a wheelchair user and if you need changing places - Cardiff has them in multiple locations! However, when it comes to things to do in and around Cardiff, not many people realise that most attractions are within easy reach of each other whether that be by driving, using public transport or getting a taxi/uber. So in light of this, I thought I'd give an overview of 5 of my most favourite things to do in Cardiff.

1. Visit Cardiff Bay Cardiff Bay is literally my favourite thing about Cardiff, not only is my favourite hotel on the bay, there's just so much to do! From boat rides into the city, to visiting the Senedd and seeing the Welsh Assembly in action, to watching a film at Odeon (tip: get gallery tickets - private bar and you make the money back in snacks. Plus if you have a CEA card, that's still valid on Gallery tickets making it even cheaper and more value for money), or dining at one of the many restaurants, Cardiff Bay is a day attraction in itself. It even has bowling and a casino for extra entertainment if you want a full night out! For people requiring a changing places toilet, the Welsh Assembly thankfully has one, as does the Millennium Centre.

2. Principality stadium tour This fully accessible tour of the Principality stadium (also known as the Millennium Stadium) is packed with Welsh rugby history and includes a tunnel walk, access to the changing rooms, press room, and even the chance to lift a trophy! I've done the tour both as a wheelchair user and as an able-bodied person thanks to a college trip that took place 3 months before my spine happened, and I can honestly say that the stadium tour is completely accessible to all. The Principality Stadium also has a changing places toilet - so bravo to you for being fully inclusive to all!

3. Spa at St David's Hotel (note - please watch video on the St David's Hotel review before deciding if this is suitable for you as this isn't accessible to everyone)

The St David's Hotel is not only the only 5 star hotel in Cardiff, it's also my favourite hotel in the UK. Not only are the suites partially accessible thanks to a roll in shower design, but their spa is also absolutely stunning. My only bugbear is that you have to be pretty good with upper body strength to be able to use the spa if you're a wheelchair user since there's no lifts or hoists into the spa areas, but if you can use it, it's a great venue for a spa day or night!

4. Shop until you drop at St David's Shopping Centre Shopping in Cardiff is my thing all over! Not only does Cardiff spoil you for choice in shops, but the St David's Shopping centre is also definitely somewhere you can spend all day in, and you won't get bored! Also, a big up to St David's fully being truly accessible to all by having a changing places toilet - it means that so many more people can enjoy their time in Cardiff!

5. Visit Big Pit The Big Pit is the national coal museum in Wales and whilst on a hill, has done a great job in making the site as accessible as possible for wheelchair users as well as other disabled people. Unfortunately, the underground tour isn't accessible to all due to safety reasons, but you can still find out a lot of the history by strolling around the site. Tip - if you're a wheelchair user you will need a helper as the ramps up the hill are still very steep in some areas.

That's my 5 favourite things to do in and around Cardiff! Got a favourite not listed? Mention it in the comments for others to see!

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