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Radisson Blu - Manchester Airport Suite

When it comes to any airport hotel, the last thing you tend to associate with them is any kind of Luxury. So this week I'm reviewing one of the suites at Manchester Airport's Radisson Blu hotel. The Radisson Blu is a 4* hotel, there are no 5* hotels at the airport so this is as good as it gets.

Radisson Blu is probably the best located of any of Manchester's airport hotels. It's directly linked via a walkway to both terminals 1 and 2, with easy access to terminal 3. It means there's no awkward transfer bus to argue with, and you're able to get to and from terminals with ease. The hotel comes with executive lounge access for rooms which allow access to it, fitness centre and swimming pool. Unfortunately, we didn't arrive until late and were leaving at 0500 so this review will be of the suite only.

The suite itself was nicely designed with space in mind. There was plenty of room to move around in and the suite even had a large area for entertaining guests in. The living room also had a Nespresso machine, minibar (charged separately) and other drinks making facilities however, these are positioned high up!

The suite also has lots of storage, perfect for those staying for a few days who may want to put things away instead of keeping everything in their case, as well as a king-sized bed with TV in the bedroom as well as the living area. I also found free water for those who are a member of Radisson Blu's rewards programme in the bedroom. I found this annoying considering that it's a suite that retails at around £300 a night depending on if you get executive lounge access or not.

The suite had a 4 piece bathroom including roll-in shower if bringing your own shower chair and bath. There is also a second toilet to the left as you come into the suite. However, the bathroom disappointed me. Firstly, there's no second shower in the bath, secondly, there's enough space in the bathroom that Radisson Blu could adapt this suite and make it accessible to those who would prefer the space and comforts of a suite instead of a standard room.

Overall, I'd recommend the hotel due to its location at the airport, but I'd say the suite is only good for space and views. When it comes to accessibility, the fact that this suite has enough space in the bathroom that it could be adapted and hasn't been annoyed me. It's time that hotels give disabled people a choice in what room they'd like to stay in and make all of their room levels accessible.

One thing to note for those wanting to stay here, get Executive room access! Even on room only with Executive Room access you get breakfast in the lounge included, and they have food in there at set times throughout the day. I didn't have a chance to review the breakfast or other food offerings since I didn't arrive until late, and had to leave so early. However, the lounge doesn't have 24-hour access which I'm disappointed by and if you're using it for business, it is a point to take into consideration.

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