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Network Marketing and Younique Myths debunked!

I've done this post as I've been asked to by many people who know that as well as singing, blogging and, modelling, I'm also in network marketing.

Many people who I speak to about network marketing often ask me the same questions about things they've heard from friends or family. Questions like 'is it a pyramid scheme? Do you get paid for me joining? etc etc. With this is mind, I'm going to debunk some of the most common myths to do with network marketing in general and, the company I'm with - Younique.

Network Marketing Myths:

It's a pyramid scheme: No, it's not. Pyramid schemes are not only unfair, but also illegal. Most pyramid schemes only ever pay you when someone signs up, not for making a sale. With network marketing, you are paid for sales and, on your downlines success which means you have to help those who join if you want to make the big money. However, with network marketing, you do not have to sign people up, you can still make money just from selling the products.

It's a get rich quick scheme: This one gets my goat! Network marketing is absolutely NOT a get rich quick scheme! It takes time, effort and above all, consistency to be successful in the network marketing industry. Some people make money very quickly in the industry but, only because they've worked their backside off to do it.

No one makes money from the industry: Yes they do actually! I know people who have out levelled their uplines, made more money than their sponsors and, got to the top quicker than their sponsors have! Network marketing allows for this whereas a pyramid scheme wouldn't. The effort you put into your network marketing business is what you will get out of it. It's as simple as that.

You have to be a sales person to be successful: No you do not! Let me give you an example. You go out for dinner, have a great time and upload a photo to Instagram that gets around 150 likes and 20 comments. You've just sold the place to your friends! But you didn't sell, you shared. That's exactly what you do in network marketing except, you get paid for it! So no, you do not need to have experience in sales to be successful in network marketing.

Younique Myths:

You get paid for signing someone up: Sorry to say this chick if you're thinking this is a great way to make money but, no you don't! You get paid month end commissions on how successful your downline are. So if you're one of those people who will sign someone up, bombard them with information and, then leave them to their own devices, then sorry but this business just isn't for you!

The products are tested on animals: Also wrong! Although Younique do not have Leaping Bunny certification, they comply with the requirements of the certification. Joining up with COTY inc. has not changed this. The UK presenters had this confirmed in May 2016 at an Empower You event by a very senior person in the company. I have the video for those who do not believe me on this.

There's too many presenters: No, there isn't. Compared to companies like Avon and Mary Kay, Younique is tiny! If you feel that your whole Facebook wall is Younique, go to other social media sites like Instagram (this is where most of my success has come from), Twitter, Tumblr and others! There are plenty of ways to be successful within Younique!

The only way to earn actual money is to sign people up: No it isn't! I know people within Younique who are making good money by just selling the products and, not focusing on recruitment. You don't need anyone in your downline until you try to go for pink status. Which means you can clear white and yellow status using just sales!

I hope this has helped you all understand the industry myths a bit more. For those interested in Younique, feel free to comment below, email me or message me via my social media channels and I will help you with whatever you need!

Have a great day,


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