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Why Village Is More Than Just Another Hotel Leisure Club

Updated: Apr 2

One of the most frequently asked questions I've received since returning to my pre-2020 routine of alternating swimming and gym workouts is where I am training now. Well, you're about to find out where and why!

Village Hotel Club have 33 locations across the UK, including many sites in the South, like Farnborough and Basingstoke - the two locations I use the most - and as far north as Aberdeen, Edinburgh, and Glasgow in Scotland. Some of the locations vary in facilities, but overall, you can expect to receive the same friendly service no matter which location you visit!

One of the big pluses that Village has over other gym groups is that they have an array of equipment suitable for disabled people. For example, every location I've been to has a Top Rack handcycle and a PowerPlate, two of the most used pieces in my workouts. They also have plenty of cable machines, free weights, and other weight-training equipment.

Onto the pool area and Village Hotels further show just how inclusive they aim to be! For example, most locations have pool hoists, which many other hotel leisure clubs don't offer. Furthermore, some locations, like Farnborough, have hoists in their spa pools, which I've only seen in places like America!

Village also has an array of classes from Les Mills to Aqua and more, as well as personal training. While I have yet to take advantage of these included perks, it's worth noting them! You can also upgrade your membership to include perks like multi-access, which I highly recommend if you're near a few clubs. Furthermore, if you have an under 4-year-old, you only pay a small one-off fee to allow them to join you in the pool during family swimming times!

Other upgrades are also available, like access to V Works - Village Hotel's coworking spaces, which are available at 21 locations across the UK. I've used the one in Eastleigh, and it is very good for what it is. If you've been to WeWork, think of it as that on a smaller scale. In this area, you'll find hot desks, free tea and coffee, printing and copying facilities, and free secure Wi-Fi.

Village further shows how much they want to treat their members in the changing rooms. GHD stylers and Dyson hairdryers are commonplace in some locations' changing rooms, and each location has a dedicated family/disabled changing area with powerful showers. Village also has Suitmate dryers in its changing areas, which is great if you're like me and tend to go swimming and straight to work from the club!

The perks continue outside of the leisure club area. For example, your membership gets discounted hotel rooms at all locations, 25% off pub and grill, and various other retail discounts! Free electric car charging is a big perk for me and a massive motivator to go daily. Unfortunately for most, free electric car charging is currently only available at set locations, including Basingstoke, Eastleigh and Bracknell, and not all of the chargers at these locations are accessible to disabled drivers.

Furthermore, Village offers decently equipped accessible rooms at all its locations. Although the facilities by location vary, some of the locations I've stayed at have included spacious wet rooms with correctly placed grab rails, a separate seat to use when changing and even Dyson hairdryers! All of their rooms also have Sky Sports on the TV and room service if you want to avoid going down to Pub & Grill. Another perk of Village is Starbucks! All locations have one, and you can order ahead of time on the Starbucks app.

Overall, I highly recommend considering Village Hotel Club as an option if you're looking for a decent leisure club with many benefits that others just cannot offer. The perks often pay for themselves, and even if you don't use things like the hotel room discount, the facilities are very good for the money you're paying each month.

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