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Hospital/Holiday bag packing tips and tricks!

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

If you've seen my video to this already, I hope you liked it! IF not, the link is here

Some of you may have heard that I had to go into hospital, but it's ok because I'm home now! I did take this opportunity however, to do a packing tricks and tips video. This video follows on from an old one that I did on samples, and I can confirm that the sample hunting for holiday does still work! I took a lot of samples with me (as you'll see in the video!) that I got during department store visits. Not only did this save space, but money too!

Another tip for the bag is to roll tops etc together to save space, pock socks inside shoes, bras if you have padded ones that don't neatly fold inwards and save as much space as you can! I managed to put 4 weeks worth of stuff into one suitcase and that was before I put all of my self-development books and other work into the suitcase! Also make sure that you divide your suitcase space in a logical order that suits you. What I mean by this is have one area for clothes, one for skincare and makeup etc, one for shoes, one for electrical goods and so on. Don't mix these all up, as you don't want to get to wherever you are going only to find that you have beauty products all over the place and clothes/charger cables ruined!

I'm really sorry that this is only a short post, but I felt my video explains it a bit more. Have fun to wherever you're going and let me know if you have any tricks and tips of your own!

Until next time,

Steph :)

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