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Birthday, Oxford Street Haul, and more!

I cannot believe I haven't done a blog post in a month! I am truly so sorry guys! However, thank you all for wishing me a Happy Birthday last Monday (27th March), and to those of you who came up to me in London and asked for selfies etc in London yesterday, to know that I have so many people following my blog is amazing! I feel blessed to have such a wonderful audience!

My Oxford Street haul includes some things from my favourite stores and was a last minute trip in that I had a birthday voucher to use at Liberty London, and therefore was not planned in the slightest! Other things I got for my birthday included Bicester Village vouchers (of which I'll be using a Thursday so keep an eye out for another post), money, champagne and other goodies! As it was my 20th and next year will be a big year, the quiet birthday was a welcome one! I also passed my driving test on the 23rd with no minors so if you guys want a video on my tips, let me know and I'll do one for you!

So on to a break down of my Oxford Street Haul:

LUSH Cosmetics: This is my first time in this particular store, and I regret not visiting sooner! It's heaven! The top floor is all about bathing and this is where I spent the majority of my time. Also, a personal thank you to Aisling who helped me find anything purple and carried my basket around the shop for me. Also, thank you for my Mother Earth bath bomb! I used it today and it was LUSH!! In the YouTube video I do, you'll see that because of this, Mother Earth actually has it's on 2 minute clip and isn't with the rest of the LUSH stuff! For those who don't know what Mother Earth is, this is the biggest bath bomb LUSH have made, and it's limited edition. It took around 15 minutes for the bath bomb to stop fizzing so it's the perfect excuse for a nice long, warm bath!

Products I got from lush were: Mother Earth Bath Bomb (£7.95), Sex Bomb Bath Bomb (£3.75), 2 x Monsieur Gustave Bath Melt (£2.25), Roller Bath Bomb (Oxford Street Exclusive £4.25)

FOREVER 21: With only 3 stores in the UK, this is a treat shop for me that I wish I'd go to more! As well as Oxford Street, there are stores in Liverpool ONE, and Bullring Birmingham. I only got one item from here which was a wrap top from the FOREVER 21 contemporary collection, in the sale for £4.99.

Liberty London: I love this place! If you sign up to Liberty Loyalty, not only do you get a £5 voucher for every £150 you spend, but you also get goodies for your birthday too! Win win! I used my birthday voucher on some Aveda travel sized shampoo (£7 for 50ml), and conditioner (£8 for 50 ml) from their Invati range. I've used this range since I was 16 as I've struggled with my hair thickness for a while. I have to say that my hair now is the thickest and healthiest it has ever been and that is thanks to this miracle of a range!

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