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Work Wise Week: Tips and tricks for the best productivity!

With Work Wise week coming up on the 14-20 May, I thought that now would be a good time to share my tips for the best productivity with you all!

When people as me what I do for a living, it's hard to condense it all into one word because I do 4/5 different things. I blog, sing, own a business, and also do motivational speaking. All of this means that it can sometimes be difficult to get time to myself, and that has a massive knock on effect for my work as well!

One of the biggest tips I have for productivity in the workplace isn't even related to work but it's to get a good work/social life balance and always take at least half a day out twice a week to have some you time doing something you love! For me, I tend to go swimming, or to the gym, or for a drive. However, you might feel that shopping relaxes you. Whatever it is that relaxes you and makes you feel happier in yourself, do it!

The next tip I have is to plan everything and pace your workload. It's easy to accept more tasks than we can handle, but that's where the big red flag called stress begins to kick in. Work stress is a massive problem, but planning and pacing, as well as not accepting too many time heavy tasks in a short space of time, will help to reduce that stress. Work shouldn't be stressful! I always tell people that if your work doesn't feel like a job, then you're in the right place for you!

The last tip I have is to accept help if someone offers it! It can be easy to say no, but the more hands and minds, the quicker you'll get things done. If someone has asked if they can help you, it's because they've noticed that you might be struggling before you've realised. I've had plenty of times where I've said no to help, and then 5 minutes later regretted it! If you accept the help that is offered, not only will you get things done quicker, you'll also build better working relationships with those who are helping you.


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