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3 steps to refreshed, detoxified skin (And You Can Even Do It On A Plane!)

In the days where life is so busy, and you feel like you're suffering from burnout, the first thing we tend to neglect without realising is our skin. Some skincare routines take a good half hour to complete, or there's so many steps that many of of just can't be bothered... Until now!

Some people may have had about Younique's 3D Fiber Lashes+ Mascara, but have never realised that they do skincare. Younique Royalty, is an AMAZING line of skincare! Not only can you mix up and match plenty of the treatment targeted products, but you see results with them pretty quickly, and results it what makes most of us stick with a brand of skincare.

You see results so quick in fact, that when my skin is tired and drained, when it's in major need of a pick me up, Younique is my go to line of skincare. Out of their products, and adding one product on to the line up (Younique don't yet do these), I've created a 7 minute, 3 step routine that is so easy, it can be done on a plane! All of the products used from the Younique range in this routine also come in sample sizes (feel free to message me and I can send you some), or you can easily decant the required amounts for a routine into small containers if going on a plane.

Step 1:

Clean skin with your favourite cleanser/makeup remover, and leave damp, but not wet. Then apply Younique's Detoxifying mask, and your favourite under-eye pads. Mine are SPAScriptions Hydrating Under-Eye Pads, especially when travelling! Leave on for 5 minutes, and do not let the mask completely dry!

Step 2:

After 5 minutes, wash/wipe off. Follow by applying Rose Water Toning spritz to your face and use a cotton pad to wipe off the excess.

Step 3:

Follow with Younique's Time Correcting night cream, and make sure you don't miss your neck! Little is more with this product, so don't use too much. I use 2 pea sized amounts, one for my neck and one for my face. Then after that, you're ready to go!

The whole thing takes me around 7 and a half minutes to complete, so you can see why it's so easy to do when travelling!

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