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Amazon Haul!

I feel like it's been ages since I last did a haul post! however, with summer in full swing and having earned a large amount of Amazon vouchers (Thanks Buzzoole), I feel that an Amazon Haul post is in order.

This is a little different to the way I do most of my fashion posts in terms of the fact that normally it's all big brand names, but with a budget of £100, I wanted to see just how much I could get and if it was good value for money. So, a break down of what I actually got:

Hair Products:

I've been wanting to get some clip-in extensions for ages, just to test whether or not they look good in my hair. I didn't want to be spending loads of money for them in case I didn't like them, but at the same time wanted quality if I did. These extensions are pretty much get what you pay for and need a lot of layering if you have thick hair as the extensions themselves are quite thin bundles. However, for the £7.18 I paid, these are brilliant value for the price!

Sometimes I just love having a half up, half down hair look with a difference! The difference being that I braid the small ponytail from the half up section, so these beauties are great for that! Let me know if you ever want me to do a YouTube demonstration in the comments or by emailing, and I'll get onto it!


These shrugs are amazing for wearing over strappy tops and sleeveless dresses so that you can wear your favourite summer items throughout the year! I had some similar ones from New Look a few years back but they don't do them anymore so thank you Amazon!

This top is a definite summer number for days on the coast, and nights on the town! I love the lace crochet detail, team up with denim shorts/skirt for a cute casual look.

Great for a casual look out in the sun! Denim skirts go with pretty much any colour as well so this is one I'll be using a lot!

Great for layering with shrugs or for use under sheer style tops, I got 2 white and 2 black. At £1.50, these are half the price online that they are in store!

5. Mela London Zig-Zag mini dress (Currently Unavailable on Amazon)

This lovely dress is great for ladies on the go who need a versatile dress that they can dress down in the day time for a classic look, or dress up in the night time for a night out!

I love this dress! Definitely one for holiday when exploring the town, or to dress up on a night out.

This is definitely one holiday number to be rocking the beach in! It's so easy to get on and get off, so if you're looking for a beach dress that isn't the classic maxi styles, this such definitely be a contender!

This was a disappointing buy - it looks NOTHING like the photo on Amazon so I wouldn't recommend buying it! It's probably only useful as a beach cover up to be fair :(

I got this for more formal going out wear, and the dress looks and feels amazing. If you like bold colour with floral patterns, then this is the dress for you!

I got these tops just to team up with jeans on casual days out, they are simple and chick, and the necklaces that come with them can be used with other outfits, so a great versatile buy all around!

Over all, the shipping on all of the products was excellent. All arrived within 10 days of ordering, despite 8 of the items having estimated delivery dates of mid August! I'm happy with pretty much all of the haul, bar the one product that looked nothing like the photos!

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