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Review: Hunkemoller HKMX Backpack

So a couple of days ago, I received quite a large parcel containing this absolutely stunning backpack! Long gone are the days of boring, dull and quite frankly boyish backpacks, and especially so with the introduction of the Hunkemoller HKMX Backpack.

This backpack isn't only for the gym, it's great for city go-getters who need a bag that looks stylish yet is practical and able to carry all of the things required for a busy day wherever you are, and whatever you are doing. A massive selling point with this backpack is that although it might not look like it on first glance, the backpack can easily take a 13inch MacBook as well! Inside the backpack is a small zipped pocket compartment, big enough for a phone or important documents like your passport and tickets if using the backpack for holidays. The backpack also has a detachable clip system which can adjust the internal capacity of the bag if you don't want to make use of the space you have. The clip system also makes the bag look even more stylish to the fashion conscious.

Another great thing I love about this backpack is that there is so much adjustment in the straps to allow ease of use by those who are tall, small, the able-bodied and disabled. The backpack can go easily on the back of most active user wheelchairs without it weighing the back of the chair down too much, and because of the strap adjustment, the backpack doesn't drag like some others do. I haven't been able to test other types of wheelchairs however, I'm sure that the backpack would fit on the back of other types of wheelchair, and not just the active user styles.

The one big downside is that unfortunately, the bag is currently only available in pink so if you're not a fan of pink, then there isn't any other colour options right now, but who knows what the future will hold. The backpack isn't the most structured backpack either, but that could be seen as a good thing by those who want to maximise space vs having a structured bag where only 60-80% of the actual capacity can be used.

Overall though, I'd say that this is a fantastic, and versatile backpack that Hunkemoller have created, and one bag that if you are ok with the pink, will see you through many day trips, gym sessions, and work days amongst other things.

(The Backpack is the last to be unboxed in this video)

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