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The Easiest Swimwear styles to get into, and the swimwear company with the best range!

After my recent video about the Zoggs AW18 launch event, I thought I need to do a post to explain to you guys why over any other similar event held by other companies, I choose to go to the Zoggs event. Most of you will know that I'm a massive fan of the brand, the range of designs, and the range of styles that are available means you're near enough always spoilt for choice!

I find the easiest style is the tankini, not only because it's a two piece swimsuit that makes it so much easier to get on and off, but also because in recent years since being in the chair, I've absolutely hated wearing bikinis. Yes I know, some who have known me for years will be shocked at that, as I used to be a massive bikini fan! The thing I like about the Zoggs tankinis is that the variation of designs mean you can get tankini designs to go with you on holiday, more sporty designs if you swim for competition, and designs in between if like me, you're a regular swimmer. Other companies tend to have tankinis that quite frankly, are just plain boring, with one block colour and no fun in the design. I taught myself to swim again after I became paraplegic, because not only is it one of the only ways I can keep active, the water is also the only environment I feel really free in, because I can move about so much more easily, and I'm usually not getting the constant stares or little looks that I get when I'm in the gym!

My favourite Tankini from the Zoggs right now has to be the Fairhaven tankini. It's super supportive, and I love the design of it because also it has one colour for the more part, the rest of the design is super fun! The blue and green is definitely my style, and it's one of those pieces that I can take with me for a casual daily swim, as well as on holiday or to the spa. It's also got a lined bust, which for me is a massive plus and something else I look for when getting my tankinis! When I go swimming, I love to have swimwear that reflects me as a person, and it has to be comfortable as well. Zoggs definitely always ticks the boxes for what I want in a tankini, and even other styles of swimwear sometimes find their way into my basket if it's something I think that with a little help, I can get into.

Let me know what your favourite designs and styles are below! :)

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