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Higher Nature: Beauty from within.

The festive season is on us, and with it comes endless parties, events and get togethers. But, it's also cold, and the ability to pick up colds, coughs and other bugs is inevitable, or is it? Higher Nature is a health and wellness brand that not only does skincare products, but also supplements and things like multivitamins, different drinks, a sweetener that's a healthy alternative to sugar called Zylosweet and different sprays to help relax and unwind at the end of a busy day.

I've had the chance to try the following products from their range: Special Dead Sea Soak, Pure Green Tea, and Zylosweet. Overall, the green tea and the dead sea soak stood out to me the most. But here is a paragraph on each product explaining what I feel are the pros and cons of each.

1. Special Dead Sea Soak:

I love this product! That was literally my first reaction to when I tried it for the first time. I find some 'Dead Sea' products actually feel extremely drying and do nothing for my skin, but I definitely knew that I had the real deal with this gem! So far, I've used it for foot soaks instead of the other rubbish stuff that my podiatrist recommended. However, at some point in the future, I do intend to use this in the bath. This Dead Sea soak includes 21 much needed minerals from magnesium to calcium, iodine and potassium, as well as sodium (obviously!). Although I used to have doubts about Dead Sea salt, this product has definitely removed all doubts from my mind.

2. Pure Green Tea...

That lasts for ages! Yep, when you get this it will feel like hardly anything is in it, but it's full of pure green tea granules, that feel like they will never run out! I've had around 10 cups already and yet it doesn't even look like I've touched it! The granules are also surprisingly nice, and the fact that they are granules makes them great for travelling with, as you don't have the issue of loose leaf tea.

3. Zylosweet:

Now for the annoying one. I'm not a fan of sweetener, I never have been, and I don't think I ever will be. It's probably because my body doesn't tolerate sweeteners very well, and also the fact that I find sweeteners to taste unbearably synthetic and fake. Unfortunately, while in extremely small quantities this one didn't taste so bad, my body like every other sweetener I've ever tried, rejected it. It also isn't recommended for cooking because in larger quantities, this type of sweetener really does taste synthetic!


A quick note, I'm really sorry that I haven't been posting recently as unfortunately, winter has struck and I've not been well. However, I will be back to my posting more often type self shortly! Thanks :)

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