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tileMate: How to Stop Losing The Items You Love

We've all been there, rushing around on a Monday morning wondering where we've put our keys, or waking up after a night out only to realise that you can't find your phone. Well thanks to Maplin, I've been given a tileMate to try the one fabulous solution for myself!

You see from this single tile, not only can I find my keys, but I can also find my phone! The phone app allows you to send a signal to the tile which will play a sound when you've lost your keys. Similarly, if you've lost your phone, you can press the button on the tile twice and it will ring your phone! Now for someone who is always losing either the keys or the sacred phone, this is a wonderful product! The one thing I love more than anything about the tile is that it's small and aesthetically pleasing on the eye. You see, to the normal person, it looks like a small keyring, but to the person using the tile, it's a small keyring with a very important function.

The tile is difficult to put on the keyring so I had to get Brett to pop it on for me, but for those with normal grip it should be quite easy to attach. The good news about the phone app is that unlike other key finders, the app is available on both Apple and Androids devices (as long as it's android is 4.4 or higher, apple devices can use the app on most of the iOS levels). The tile was extremely easy to pair with the app, you just have to make sure that your phone's Bluetooth is on. The button on the tile however, is very easy to press and use if you need to ring your phone, as well as for setting up with the app. The other potentially annoying thing about the tile though, is that for the app and tile to work, you have to leave your phone's Bluetooth on which may drain the battery quicker on some devices. Apple users probably won't have this problem, as Apple's default setting is to have Bluetooth on, especially since the launch of Apple Watch.

Overall, I love the tileMate, and I'll definitely be using it a lot in the future. It's been used a few times a day so far, but it takes away the stress of panicking about where you've put your most precious items. The only potentially embarrassing thing is that everyone in the house knows when I've lost my keys or phone because of how loud the ring is, but it needs to be loud if you've mislaid your items! I'm already looking into getting another tileMate for my purse and a few other items that seem to like going on a walkabout every so often!

Have you got a tileMate or are you thinking of getting one? Let me know in the comments below!

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