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Car Review: Mercedes-Benz A180 SE Trim

With my Mercedes-Benz B180 AMG Line out of action thanks to a jack going through the bodywork on the side, I've been given a chance to experience another one of the fabulous cars from the Mercedes-Benz range. The Mercedes-Benz A class is a car that I've never really looked at, mainly because I always thought that it would be too small for my needs, but then it is Mercedes-Benz's entry level car. Well, I was about to be proven wrong!

The A180 SE has an incredible amount of tech if you're looking for a standard 'no optional extras car!' For starters, the car has Active Brake Assist to reduce braking distances, a multi-media screen that doubles up as the monitor for the reversing camera, Apple CarPlay (finally! As the 2015 B180 AMG Line doesn't have this) and Collision Prevention Assist amongst other things. There is one thing however, that really does bug me about this car. Whilst it has automatic headlights as standard, it doesn't have automatic wipers, something that for me, is an absolute must if I'm going to be able to safely drive my car!

The other thing that the A180 has that the 2015 B180 doesn't, is that the car has Dynamic Select instead of just 'Eco, Sport and manual.' This is an absolute game changer, as it means you can drive the car using the paddle shits regardless of whether the car is set to eco, comfort, sport or individual. The automatic version also has the same 7-speed gearbox I'm used to in the B class however, one thing that sets this car apart from the B, is that Dynamic Select makes it an extremely able and responsive car. For example, the car is laggy in Eco, and I wouldn't advise anyone driving in Eco mode unless desperate. But in comfort, the car is responsive and generally nice to drive. In Sport, it's a monster, with power when you need it, and responsiveness at a massive high, the price however, is that Sport mode quite literally drains the fuel!

On to the interior of the car, and there is one thing I would definitely recommend to wheelchair users, don't get the white interior unless you're happy to clean your car near enough everyday. Almost straight away, my wheels got mud all over the car, since there is very little room when putting the wheels and main chair part in the car if putting it in from the front drivers door and placing it on the front passenger seat. The seats in the car are extremely comfortable and the leather trim on the doors certainly adds to the premium feel. The cockpit are is clean and well laid out, and there's certainly a big emphasis on space. On the automatic version, there's plenty of extra places to put things, since the area where the gearstick would normally be, is converted into an extra storage compartment. There's also a reasonably sized storage area under the moveable armrest, which also contains 2 USB ports to charge devices and use Apple CarPlay.

Overall, the Mercedes-Benz A180 is an impressive car even without any option packs however, if it was my choice, I'd be getting this car as an AMG Line at a minimum, and with black interior instead of white, due to the fact that the wheelchair picks up a lot of dirt and mud. 2018 is also the year where the new Mercedes-Benz A class comes out, and I'm very excited to see what facelifts have been given to this car.

Mercedes-Benz A180SE Specs: (Specs From Parkers)

Power: 120 bhp

Top Speed: 126 mph

0-60mph: 8.9 secs

Torque: 200 Nm, 148 ft-lb

CO2 Emissions: 128 g/km

Euro Emissions: Standard6

Miles Per Tank: 561 miles

Engine Size: 1595cc

Cylinders: 4

Valves: 16

Fuel Type: Petrol

Transmission: Manual/Automatic

Gearbox: 6 Speed/7 speed auto

Drivetrain: Front wheel drive

Fuel consumption: 51 mpg

Insurance group: 18

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