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Medical ID With A Difference

When it comes to those of us with allergies, medications, and illnesses, we've all been there with doctors when they tell us that it would be a good idea to get a Medical ID of some kind, whether that be a bracelet, card or necklace that has important details on.

The problem with most medical ID's however, is that they all stand out and make it obvious that the person wearing them has a medical condition or allergy of some sort. This is where Buttler and Grace come in.

Butler & Grace however, are completely different in that they make stylish medical bracelets that don't actually look like medical IDs, and they actually suit the person who's wearing it! Butler and Grace have many different designs to choose from on their website, with a range of colours and materials from corded bracelets, to metals and everything in between. I chose the purple Bounce Bracelet as I loved the idea of a cord/metal hybrid. For the price of the bracelets, Butler & Grace are extremely affordable, and the quality of the bracelet is outstanding compared to other brands!

The bracelet itself goes well with so many of my outfits, and the purple really stands out against the silver. You can choose what to have on your bracelet too; for example, mine has 'multiple conditions, see phone' due to the fact that I wouldn't be able to put everything on the bracelet however, it's great to have something on the bracelet that directs people to my phone should they need to get my medical information up quickly. The biggest thing I like about the Butler & grace however, is the personal service that you get from them. No two bracelets are exactly the same, and I like that a lot!

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