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Hidden Gems Of The UK: Clarks Village

In the days where everyone is wanting the best bargains for the most well-known brands, outlet shopping has become more and more popular for bargain hunters, families and millennials alike. This year, one of these fabulous outlet shopping centres in the UK; Clarks Village in Street, Somerset are celebrating their 25th birthday, and as part of this, I was set a little challenge... Exactly what can I get with £25!?

Well in the end, when I got there, I immediately realised that I'd be doing two different shops: my challenge shop and a 'treat myself because I'm now so close to my target weight' shop! To help you see just why outlet shopping is amazing, I'm going to do a breakdown of what I got in both shops. so firstly, this is what I got for my £25 challenge shop:

Levis Scarf and glove set: £6 (total RRP: £42) Gap Capri leggings: £4.99 (RRP £34.99) 2 long sleeve Superdry tops: £8 each, £16 total (RRP of both together: £59.98)

In total it came to £26.99 so £1.99 over my little £25 challenge, however, if I had brought these items in high street stores, I'd be looking having spent £136.97 instead of £26.99 at Clarks Village! Also, I worked out on leaving that I'd basically brought the sort of things that I wear when flying, as well as when lounging around at home if I'm not in the gym. Obviously, the gym capris will be used in the gym as well however, I refuse to wear Superdry tops in the gym, not sure why, but I've just never liked wearing them in the gym! The scarf and glove set will also come in handy for trips to cold places (I'm planning on a couple of winter destination blogs) as well as winter time in the UK!

For my 'treat myself because I'm now so close to my target weight' shop, I treated myself to a few extras that were such bargains at Clarks Village that they just couldn't be missed, and they really emphasise the greatness of designer outlet shopping. So I treated myself to some hi-top Vans (£26.50 down from £80 RRP) which will be good for travelling, another Superdry top, a Superdry dress, and some other things.

Clarks Village itself is in a fabulous location, and if you're having a staycation in the area, I'd definitely recommend it for a few hours out, especially if you've never been to an outlet shopping centre before. I was really lucky to go on a dry, sunny day because the surroundings are just beautiful, however, it's all outdoors. Another great thing for wheelchair users like myself is that it's really easy to get around, some places online say it isn't, but I didn't have any problems myself on the day that I went there in terms of accessibility. There's also free parking for blue badge holders, but it isn't advertised online! Even if you're just wanting a day out somewhere, Clarks Village should definitely be on your 'to visit' list!

Have you been to Clarks Village, or planning to go? Let me know what bargains you have found, or find there!

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