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Car Review: Mercedes-Benz GLA200 AMG Line 4MATIC/GLA200 Urban Line

As part of my car review series in which I review the best (and not so best) premium/luxury brand cars for wheelchair users, I'm moving on from the first review of the Mercedes-Benz B180 AMG Line to the GLA200 AMG Line 4MATIC and GLA200 Urban Line. The GLA200 was the car in which I learnt to drive with hand controls, so for me personally, along with the B180 AMG line, this is a special car. Everyone who knows me knows that since passing my test, I've wanted to get back in the driving seat of one of these beautiful cars for ages! Still, let's get onto the review!

The GLA is the smallest of the Mercedes-Benz SUV range, based off of the A-Class body, it's basically a slightly higher, 4x4 version of the entry-level Mercedes-Benz with all the individuality and style you'd expect from Mercedes-Benz. The GLA itself comes with the option of Mercedes-Benz's all-wheel drive 4MATIC system, and having driven both the 4MATIC and non-4MATIC versions of the GLA, I can honestly say the 4MATIC is something you definitely want to go for, especially if you plan on doing high mileage driving or driving abroad. I also find that on hand controls, the 4MATIC system gives you more control on wet roads as well as in the winter. The GLA also comes with dynamic select which is always a bonus if you love sports steering but don't want full sport mode in function on your car.

The GLA Urban Line comes with the dual exhaust design which is the same one used on the GLA AMG Line, and the 420-litre boot is a welcome surprise since folded down, you can get the Quickie Argon 2 wheelchair in the boot. The Urban Line also comes with dual climate control and tinted windows as standard, but this particular one which I'm reviewing also came with the optional memory function, electronic front seats with heating in the front seats also - something which I would highly recommend to anyone getting a Mercedes-Benz since the heated seating comes in handy if you're like me and suffer from spasms. The electronically moving memory seats also make life so much easier if you have reduced muscle strength in your lower limbs, and since then you can save 3 configurations, if you have other people that drive your car, you can simply save your individual seat configuration to one of the buttons on the door. The car I'm reviewing also came with Adaptive High-Beam Assist which is another option I highly recommend to anyone and not just those who drive using adaptations.

In the back, there's plenty of space, and the 40/60 split of the back bench means you can easily turn the GLA from a family-friendly car to a heavy workhorse on road-trips or for general day-to-day use. It really is a versatile car that you'll never get bored of! There's also 2 USB ports with Apple CarPlay and Android functionality, as well as plenty of 12V plugs in the car and boot making life even easier if you plan to use the car on holiday or for trips away. Back to the boot, and the electronic opening/closing function really does make life easier with this car. On opening, you can easily press the close button to stop the boot lid from rising too high - a massive plus if like me you're a wheelchair user since the car boots are probably one of my biggest bugbears when it comes to driving!

Overall, the GLA is a truly remarkable car regardless of what Line you go for. The standard specs between the different lines are brilliant, and with the options available you really can personalise this SUV you truly make it your own. If you want an SUV but don't want the GLC because of its size, then the GLA is definitely for you.

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