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Shopping at Bicester Village!

Firstly, I am so sorry that this is later than expected! I actually went to Bicester Last Thursday but due to circumstances beyond my control I've only been able to do this today. I'm also not going to be able to do a haul video this time around however, I will be doing one next time as I've still got plenty of vouchers to use!

Getting to Bicester Village is actually pretty easy, you can drive there (if you're brave enough) or, like me you can drive to Oxford, where if you're a disabled badge holder then you get free parking, and get a train to Bicester Village which takes around 10 minutes. The village also has some brilliant bus connections as well!

If you have a Mastercard, you can get a VIP invitation which gives you a VIP card to get 10% off, and if like me you've got one from outside Europe (Anyone who does Younique, this includes your Younique card), then you can also get complementary access the the VIP Lounge. Unfortunately, the lounge doesn't have lift access but, when I emailed the village, they offered me a dining voucher instead which I think is an excellent compromise! The new lounge is opening later this year and will have wheelchair access so I'm looking forward to being able to use the lounge there when it opens!

Shopping at Bicester Village is actually really fun and relaxing, mainly because you can choose to use a service called handsfree shopping, which means you aren't lugging shopping around with you! Staff there are also more than happy to help wherever they can. All of the shops were easy to get into and navigate around, even busy shops like Prada (which has a queuing system) were easy to get around due to the amount of space! I would definitely say that weekdays are the best time to go, and if you can, go when the clearance events start as the bargains you find are excellent! I went to Ralph Lauren and got a top that sells in house of Fraser at £59 for £9.99! All Saints also had a brilliant sale on and a top I'd seen in London just a few weeks before for £49 I got at Bicester Village for £7! The Ugg outlet store was also doing a deal on Uggs where you could get a clearance pair of Uggs for £50. Some of the styles available would sell in the Ugg store at Westfield for £225!

When it came to food and drink, Bicester Village didn't disappoint! With Pret A Manger for lunch, and Villandry Grand Cafe for dinner (they also had Itsu, Farmshop, and other food and drink brands), I definitely felt like I had a good choice of food and drinks!

Overall, I'd always choose outlet shopping over high street shopping purely because you can get brands that are normally out of reach for most at high street prices. Let me know what your favourite outlet shopping finds were!

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