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I won a giveaway!

After all of the pain of the week with my car needing to go into the repair shop last week and still not having it back, I had a much needed lift of mood the day after the car actually went into the repair shop! A few weeks ago I entered a giveaway on Facebook that Salamandar Gifts in Fleet was running. Well Friday morning came and I'd got a notification to say I'd won! The goodies in the giveaway came to a total value of over £100 which I'd say is very good for a giveaway run by an independent business!

The products are amazing. I'm especially in love with the bag and top though! The top is good for layering and the bag is a great edition to my travel luggage. The fact that it has two bags in one means that I can easily put stuff in both bags, and then take the inner bag out to create more space!

Here is a run down of what I had actually won, with links to some of them if you want one yourself!

Red Cuckoo Two In One Bag

Katie Loxton - Wish Candle: Buy here

White cold shoulder top

Owl Scarf


As for the car, Hopefully it'll be back tomorrow (Monday) or on Tuesday! I'll keep you all updated via Twitter and Instagram on that front!

Have a great Sunday!

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