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New Series: Best Premium/Luxury Cars For Wheelchair Users

Recently, a lot of my readers have been asking for me to do a series on cars, to go alongside my Accessible Hotel series. So if you've been wondering where on earth I have been, well apart from recovering from a broken hand which I did 3 and a half weeks ago, I've been preparing this new series for you all!

As many will know, I myself drive a Mercedes-Benz. You may have even seen my YouTube video about my B180 AMG Premium. If you haven't, I've popped the link in at the bottom for you to take a look. It also shows my hand control system in this!

As such, the first post that a do on this series will be about the Mercedes-Benz B Class AMG Premium. Other cars I plan to review in this series are the Audi SQ5, Audi S5, McLaren 570s, Tesla Model X, and others. It will more than likely be similar to the hotel series in that it will be ongoing, and I'll aim to do an new review once a month. Yes, that means you'll be getting 12 car reviews over the next year, with the first one starting at the end of July. In those that I get to drive, I'll even try to video my drive and review the driving aspects of the car, such as ease of acceleration etc. In every review though, the standard tech, boot size, ease of access etc will all be in there. After all, if you're looking to get into this market of cars, you'll want to best reviews possible for your needs!

If you would like me to review a specific car in this series, feel free to tweet me @stephweller97, or email

I look forward to hearing your comments on the series. For now though, here is my old video of the B180 AMG Premium for those who haven't seen it.

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