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London Design Festival: London Design Fair 2017 In Collaboration With Treniq

Wow, London Design festival is really gearing up now! After a fabulous experience at Decorex, we move onto a very different kind of show, The London Design Fair at Old Truman Brewery. This show was particularly different because if focused more on the design than the brands, and also had a much more relaxed feel to it. The designs were very mixed with some natural colours coming in but also some extremely bold ones. A few brands that were at Decorex were also at London Design Fair, most notably, Cole & Son who brought a very different dimension with them to London Design Fair compared to Decorex.

For now though, here are my top 10 products/brands from the show!

1. Blue Handed

Blue Handed makes a range of absolutely stunning cotton fabrics dyed using natural Indigo. Blue handed use traditional vat dying, and hand cut their stencil patterns to make for absolutely incredible designs! The lime and soybean paste used on the fabric also means that theres no indigo where there should be white! The process is very manual, but the result is amazing. Blue Handed's designs include bed throws, scarves, cushions and curtains!

2. Leda

If you want a supportive beanbag then this is for you! The Leda beanbags are literally due to launch, but the incredible support they have in them thanks to being self standing on all sides make them great for anyone with back problems, or even as a massive pregnancy pillow! There are 3 designs, 2 of which were showcased at the London Design Fair.

3. Flyte

If you've ever wanted a flying lightbulb or plant, you can now have one! Flyte products fly thanks to their unique magnetic system, with one set of magnets to keep it flying, and another to keep it stable in the air. Products include a lightbulb, and a flying vase!

4. Craft-Tech

Craft-Tech make beautiful cabinets, frames, sideboards etc with intricate designs thanks to laser cutting! They can pretty much get you any colour or design you want, but the designs showcased at London Design Fair with very geometrical, and I liked that!

5. Crea-Re

Crea-Re's paper mache lighting may sound boring, but the colours used and the shapes created are from it! The way the light catches the colour of the lampshade means that you can have anything from a warm colour to a brighter light.

6. Urban Roof Gardens

Urban Roof Gardens make gorgeous wall hangings to allow plants to be grown from a wall. Great for space saving gardens, I also picked these as my top 10 because the designs mean that if you need space in your garden because of being a wheelchair user, or have other disabilities that make space in your garden a big priority, this is a great idea to create a beautiful garden space without using too much valuable space up. They are also great for balconies, roof gardens (hence the name), and terraces.

7. Bag & Bones

Bag & Bones signs are literally awesome, and if you got to see them at London Design Fair you'll know why I'm saying that! For one, the C'est La Vie sign was amazing (not mentioning the other word used in it!), but the array of colours that can be used in the signs, and the way they light up a space have meant that they are seriously up there on my list of things to get!

8. INCA & CO

INCA & CO home furnishings include pretty designs on cushions, to edgy and bold designs on fabrics and everything in between. The fabrics can be used for most home furnishing projects, and they can bespoke the designs to your own taste.

9. Cut Tec

Cut Tec use laser cutting to make panels from various materials including perspex, wood, metals etc that can be used pretty much anywhere for any project. The wood ones in particular are great for sectioning off parts of the garden, and others can be used to section off rooms in the home or office.

10. Yuso

What dragged me to the Yuso stand was the cute animal stools and the array of colours and fabrics that they use in their products. A Chinese brand that is hoping to make a big impact on the UK market, I'm looking forward to watching them grow over the next couple of years.

This post is made in collaboration with Treniq, the online platform for designers, creators, and other design industry professionals where you can discover, connect and trade.

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