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London Design Festival: Preview In Collaboration With Treniq!

For a while now, I have had messages, and comments, about when will I start posting about luxury interior design. Truth is, I have thought about doing it for a while, but needed something to kickstart it. For my non-disabled readers, I'm going to be doing general product favourites as well as focusing a little more on products and designs suitable for disabled people, whether that be those like myself who are wheelchair users, those with a hidden disability. or those with another impairment.

With London Design Festival looming over us, came not only the opportunity to get into this industry and find out what their is for ends users of luxury design who are disabled, but also came a great opportunity to speak to brands and designers themselves about their products in general, and also find out about how accessible and how easy their products are for disabled people to use, whether that be in their standardised form or if they have a bespoke service which can be used to adapt the product to an individuals needs.

The blogs in the London Design Festival series will very much be product based, with ideas of how designs and products can fit in together. As well as this blog post, I'll be doing 4 more: A post all on Treniq who I'm collaborating with on this project, a post for what I find at Decorex, a post for what I find at London Design Fair, and of course a post for the final show I'm going to be attending, The Restaurant and Bar Design Show. The last post will be more focused on businesses, and business owners looking to make their design more friendly to customers, as I feel that it's really important to touch on that during the design festival.

A little bit on the London Design Festival itself though so that you can understand why I've chosen for this to be the starting point. The London Design Festival aims to promote London as the design capital of the world, and is from the 16th-24th September. With lots going on from things like Open House, to Decorex, to London Design Fair and so on, it is the perfect opportunity for designers, brands, and end users to get together and look at the up and coming trends, products and designs that will be with us over the coming seasons. Decorex in particular, is celebrating 40 years of design collaborations and has lots going on to celebrate this.

As I've said before, this is in collaboration with Treniq, and I will be writing a separate blog post on them because I literally could talk about what they are doing for the design industry all day! But for those who can't wait for the blog post, I'll give you a little insight now. Treniq is a new innovative platform that aims to bring luxury interior design professionals together on one platform where they can discover brands and designers, connect with those brands and designers, and then trade with them all on the platform. The platform is free to use and you can set up and account with them, although they are mainly business to business trading. As I said before, I will be giving these guys their own blog post because what they are doing for the luxury design industry is amazing, so this literally is just a little insight into who treniq are and what they do, as well as an insight into London Design Festival as a whole, and what to expect on the upcoming blog posts within the series.

For those interested in a meet up, I'm at the following events during London Design Festival if you want to come up and say a quick hello!

- Decorex International, Syon Park 17th and 18th September

- London Design Fair, Old Truman's Brewery 21st and 22nd September

- Restaurant And Bar Design Show, Excel London 27th September

The London Design Festival Series is in collaboration with Treniq, a b2b marketing platform for people to source luxury products in design. You can find out more about them here.

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